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The Spirituality of Wine 

(April 2016, Eerdmans)



We live in an era when many feel disconnected from the earth and from our communities. Traditionally, eating and drinking together served to create deep connections within our families, our church communities and with the land that we used to cultivate. All too often our families and faith communities have lost sight of this. It seems ironic that the culinary world of our times recognizes that eating and drinking is fundamental to what it means to be relational human beings and can teach the church something about the spiritual life. Just look at the Slow Food or local food movements.


The Spirituality of Wine explores a holistic vision of the Christian life that leads us to an embodied and communal perspective. We learn to embrace creation as fundamental to our lives and understand more fully its importance for how we relate to God and one another. Interviews with vinters from around the world deepen our understanding of creation and wine as spiritual realities. These vintners teach us what it means to care for and work with creation, rather than against it. 


Cultivating a Christian spirituality of wine is a great opportunity to reconnect not only to Scripture more profoundly but also to engage the broader culture in meaningful ways. This book invites you onto a journey of discovery that will radically transform the way you envision the Christian life and how you are to engage with creation and the culture around you.

If you live in the US, please consider purchasing this book directly from my publisher Eerdmans, a family-owned publisher.

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