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George MacDonald, parable, imagination, Novalis, Coleridge, Gisela, Kreglinger,
Storied Revelations: Parables, Imagination and George MacDonald's Christian Fiction



"George MacDonald continues to be a strong and intelligent presence among us for keeping us alert and participatory in language that derives from the Word made flesh.              

Dr. Kreglinger has provided us with a magnificent orientation in this Christ-infused theological imagination."

Eugene H. PetersonForeword

"George Macdonald was one of the great storytellers of the Christian tradition. Convinced that living faith could no longer be sustained by tired old doctrinaire formulations of truth, he envisioned the Word made fresh through revitalizing imagination, poetry, and parable. This book is a winsome and perceptive exploration of MacDonald's subversive literary agenda. Custodians of archival Christianity should feel threatened, very threatened indeed.''

Glen G. Scorgie, Bethel University

"She absolutely and successfully extrapolates how MacDonald used the parabolic form. Kreglinger demonstrates how as a Calvinistic Scot, as a Victorian, as a poet and theologian, George MacDonald observed this desensitization process at work in late nineteenth century Victorian society. All around an excellent study".

Paul Brazier, in "The Heythrope Journal, vol. 56, issue 2, March 2015

The Spirituality of Wine, the Eucharist, the Lord's Supper, Gisela Kreglinger

The Spirituality of Wine


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The Soul of Wine


Articles (selected)



The influence of George MacDonald on Tolkien by Gisela Kreglinger

The Tolkien Encyclopedia: Scholarhip and Critical Assessment


In her article entitled "George MacDonald," Kreglinger argues that Tolkien is much more indebted to George MacDonald than he openly admitted. Tolkien's essay  "On Fairy-Stories"  read in light of MacDonald's writing on the Christian imagination and the importance of the fairy tale genre reveals MacDonald's influence on Tolkien.

George MacDonald, Story, Henry Suso, Johannes Tauler, Mechthild of Madegburg, Gisela Kreglinger

Dictionary of Christian Spirituality


Kreglinger contributed several articles to this dictionary including articles on George MacDonald, Story and several German mystics such as Gertrud of Helfta, Henry Suso, Johannes Tauler and Mechthild of Magdeburg.




Hymns, art, Christian spirituality, Gisela Kreglinger

Journal for Spiritual Formation and Soul Care 6:2 (2013)


In her article "Grace Hunting: Paul Gerhardt's Lutheran Christian Spirituality," Kreglinger explores the importance of hymns and art more widely speaking for spiritual formation.

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